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St. John Mary International School PORTAL TO THE WORLD

Saint John Mary International School is founded on the principles of integrity and service to others. This is where


At SJMIS students grow intellectually, morally, culturally, and physically as they meet with individuals from all over Thailand and abroad. Here, students develop respect and tolerance for all others, regardless of religion, race, or class. Here, a student can grow into a whole person and gain an education that prepares them to become global citizens.

Ownership and Origin of Saint John Mary International School

SJMIS is owned and operated by Sang Young Mary Company. The company was founded by the late Ajarn Samai Chinapha, who is also the founder of the Saint John University of Bangkok and the Saint John School of Commerce. Ajarn Samai's clear vision for this new school was to provide high standard, low cost school which would provide an excellent opportunity for Thai and foreign students to improve their academics and English skills.

Constructing the school

After an intense period of market research in 2001, the actual building phase started in the beginning of 2002. At first the construction program experienced many problems. From February to September 2002 workers were unable to work because of excessively heavy rains. The result of this was that all the buildings were not finished and ready when the first students arrived. This challenge was dealt with by renting a three story building, located just opposite the school. Three months later, however, the pioneer students and teachers could occupy the new buildings. Because of Ajarn Samai's strong determination and the great support of pioneer parents, Saint John Mary International School was born, and officially opened on August 28, 2004, with 120 students.

Status and Recognition

The Saint John Mary International School (SJMIS) is duly recognized by the Ministry of Education in Thailand (MOE) as an institution of international status that offers Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 to students from various races and religions. The School is also fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Teaching Levels

Currently, the school is organized into four teaching Levels:

Kindergarten (pre-K 1 - 3),

Elementary (Grade1 & Grade 5),

Middle School (Grade 6 & Grade 8) and

High School (Grade9 & Grade 12).


The program of the Saint John Mary International School is designed to meet the individual needs of each child. We follow the differentiated approach to learning, which is simply the adjustment of an appropriately challenging curriculum to match a student's demonstrated pace and level of learning. Expectations for all students are high, and we endeavour to provide a firm foundation of academic skills, work habits and attitudes necessary for success in university-preparatory secondary schools and for a productive life. Due to the international nature of the school, a deliberate effort is made to foster a global viewpoint in the students and to take the learning experience beyond the classroom by drawing on the natural and cultural resources of Thailand. A rich offering of sports , arts and extracurricular activities aid in developing the whole person and in providing the student with constructive alternatives for the use of his/her leisure time.


St. John Mary follows an American (State of California) curriculum which is adjusted to the multinational context of the school while promoting Thai culture and Language.. A student who completes grade 12 is awarded either a College Preparatory Diploma, with an emphasis in business, or science.


Saint John Mary International School visualizes itself as an International school with a dynamic learning community that challenges students to reach their academic, moral and social potential in order to become leaders of their generation, ready to impact others.


The mission of Saint John Mary International School is to:

Equip its students with a global perspective, providing knowledge and skills that prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly changing global society while preserving Thai customs and culture.

Provide a curriculum that will allow them to continue education in any school, college or university in their home country or abroad.

Pursue excellence in the academic growth of its students by setting high measurable standards built on an integrated curriculum and taught by motivated and experienced teachers.

Work in close partnership with parents as it strives to nurture excellence in the social, mental and physical growth of its students by teaching them in a supportive and safe environment, against the backdrop of an open multicultural atmosphere. This kind of education has significant impact on a student's values, promoting the qualities of discipline, responsibility, loyalty and perseverance.

Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

There are four Expected School - Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) that serve as core desired outcomes for

St. John Mary International School students:

1. A Responsible Global Citizen

  • Shows concern for sustainable development and global issues
  • Promotes social justice and peace
  • Demonstrates cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Values self and respects others
  • 2. A High Academic Achiever

  • Is a self-motivated learner
  • Produces quality work
  • Thinks critically and creatively
  • Practices academic integrity
  • 3. An Emerging Leader

  • Leads by example as a good role model
  • Makes responsible decisions
  • Collaborates effectively
  • Accepts accountability
  • 4. An Effective Communicator

  • Is proficient in the English language
  • Conveys ideas clearly and fluently
  • Listens actively and responds appropriately
  • Uses technology and other means to communicate