During the past four years major changes occurred in the curriculum of SJMIS Kindergarten. The focus evolved from desk-bound book work to hands-on play based activities addressing the holistic development of each child.

Preschool is a critical and diverse developmental period which provides each child with the basic skills to acquire an eagerness for lifelong learning. We are proud of the child-centered program that we developed, supported by age appropriate and developmentally sound activities. We have incorporated some components of the Creative Curriculum into our current program securing a more meaningful learning experience. Our integrated approach, with direct sensory input from the environment steers our children towards more positive learning outcomes.

By acknowledging the uniqueness of each child, our enthusiastic and dedicated team of teachers gently guides our students by offering opportunities to experience the joys of learning, to make decisions and solve problems to prepare them for everyday life challenges.

Our regular parents-child activities create a strong bond between school and home, strengthening the hands of our dedicated team of teachers. By working together our students know that we care and are there to support them all the way.

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” (Nelson Mandela)


Kindergarten Principal

At SJMIS Kindergarten we focus on developing the whole child; personal, social and emotional development, language and communication skills, and physical development. Children are encouraged and allowed time to explore and discover their environment through free play as well as structured activities.

The specific learning areas, literacy, mathematics, the world around us (sciences) and creative expression are integrated in all lessons. Language development, listening and communication skills are driven by story reading, rhymes, action songs and inter-active games. Except for Thai language and culture, all classes are presented in English. Pre-reading skills are based on a variety of basic perception skills and the learning of phonetic sounds, interactive alphabet songs and rhymes.

Most important to us is the social, emotional and personal development of each child in order to equip them for the future in an ever changing world.

Faculty and staff

All homeroom teachers are qualified educators from the UK, New Zealand, South Africa and the Philippines, are assisted by Thai nationals and have Early Childhood credentials. Two Thai teachers are responsible for Thai language and culture classes. Development of music and movements skills is taken care of by a music teacher.

Grade levels and offered services

SJMIS Kindergarten keeps the classes small for better quality education. Classes consist of only 15 students per class.An integrated program is followed based on the Californian Curriculum which include social development, physical development and cognitive development.

The school offers the following 4 levels as per the criteria set by the Ministry of Education:

Pre-K (2-3 years)

K1 (3-4 years)

K2 (4-5 years)

K3 (5-6 years)

A non-compulsory after school program is offered after school to support and reinforce the basic developmental skills program in Kindergarten. Arts and crafts as well as Thai music and dance are included in this program. Parents get the opportunity to choose the activity they would like their child to take part in.

KG facilities

All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with child friendly bathrooms with low seat toilets and wash basins.

A spacious play area equipped with structures for promoting motor development, developing independence and general social skills, and expressing creativity through play is the center of attraction.

The air-conditioned lunchroom is a happy space where children have their snacks and lunch in a relaxing atmosphere while developing social skills and etiquette.

A separate music room allows children to move freely and experiment with a variety of musical instruments at the hands of a qualified music teacher.

Three sleeping rooms provide a quiet space for children to rest after lunch, under the supervision of assistant teachers.

The clinic, staffed by two nurses, is based in the Kindergarten building to make access easy in cases of emergency.

Public relations and facilities

A direct line of communication is open between parents and teachers with the help of Thai teacher's assistants and a communication book.

Two Kindergarten ambassadors, both proficient in English and Thai, are available to share information and serve as translators on request.

Kindergarten has an open door policy where parents can come in at any time to discuss matters of concern with the principal. Teachers are available after school hours.

Daily notices are sent to parents informing them of the activities that took place during the day. Updates on activities and other important information are sent to parents by text message, letters from the principal and organizers of different activities.