Application and Test
1,000 Baht 

Registration Fee (New student only) is payable upon acceptance of the student and must be paid before the student enters the school. (Non-refundable)

Day student
50,000 Baht
Boarding student
70,000 Baht

Deposit (Refundable) is payable upon acceptance of the student and before he/she is admitted to the School. Upon withdrawal, this is refunded less any charges for lost/damaged books or damage to property etc. will be refunded.

Day student
15,000 Baht
Boarding student
25,000 Baht

Tuition Fees per Semester (There are two semesters per year.)

Grade Level
Pre – Kindergarten (Including snacks and lunch)
56,500 Baht
Kindergarten 1 – 3 (Including snacks and lunch)
69,100 Baht
Grade 1 – 3 (Including snacks and lunch)
88,900 Baht
Grade 4 – 6
93,700 Baht
Grade 7 – 8
100,100 Baht
Grade 9
106,300 Baht
Grade 10
112,300 Baht
Grade 11
112,300 Baht
Grade 12
117,300 Baht

English Language Development Fees

ELD Program, (Addition to the tuition fee)
20,000 Baht

***ELD Program will be provided to those students who, in the School’s judgment, require additional English language support in the classroom.

Boarding Fee

Homestay Fee per Semester (For G. 1 – 6)
72,000 Baht
Boarding Fee per Semester (For G. 7 – 12)
62,000 Baht
Weekend Boarding Fee (For local students only)
500 Baht/Day
Supplement Activities & Weekends (For overseas students)
25,000 Baht

*** Vacation periods: Students wishing to stay in the Dormitory during vacation periods will be charged 1,500 Baht/Day (Including weekends)