Middle & High School

Our collective human future depends on our ability to grow and change. That evolution is necessary, yet the challenge we have as educators is that we can’t imagine what our children’s futures hold. The jobs that will exist for them are likely to be very different than those that we know, and the issues they will face will be unprecedented. In order for our students to thrive in the unknown that awaits them, they will need to develop creative problem-solving abilities, sharp critical minds, and the curiosity that leads to a life of exploration and pursuit of understanding. It is through these pursuits that young people become the engaged and thoughtful citizens who will shape our world.

All our students can learn, and it is my job to foster an environment in which talented and hard-working teachers are supported in their endeavors to meet each student where she is and bring her up to her highest potential. In modeling practices of inquiry and openness, teachers encourage intellectual risk taking. Through the planning and execution of meaningful activities, our teachers construct the space in which students can play with concepts, experiment with ideas, and practice skills that will lead them to success. By offering real-world problems to grapple with, our teachers give students many chances to apply what they are learning in new contexts. And finally, through guiding authentic reflection on the process of learning, our teachers help students cultivate a sense of responsibility for their achievements, of which they can be very proud.

What I hope for all students at Saint John Mary International School is that they will be challenged, rise to the challenges, and discover things within themselves they never knew existed: perseverance, resilience, and confidence.


Secondary Principal


The Secondary School has a multinational staff many with post graduate degrees. The teachers follow an American standard based curriculum, focusing on competency in the English language. Graduates have furthered their education and celebrated success in local universities, as well as abroad. We are proud of the accomplishments of our alumni who we believe are becoming “Emerging Leaders” as well as our current students who bring pride to our institution.

The Secondary School Division has two sections. Middle School composed of students from Grade Six to Grade Nine and the High School comprised of students from Grade Nine to Twelve. High School Curricular Program offers two streams, Science and Business.


  • Learners must receive passing grade (D or better) in all core subjects (i.e. English, Math, Social Studies, Science/Business, Thai Language and Culture).
  • Learners must not have a total GPA lower than 2.0 from Grade 9-12.
  • Learners must have rendered 40 hours of Community Service as approved by the homeroom teacher.
  • Learners must take Test of English as a Foreign Language-Internet Based (TOEFL iBT) with a score of 63 or higher.
  • Learners must achieve a minimum of 80% attendance in all subjects throughout the academic year.
  • Learners must participate in school activities.

    Selected students in the Secondary School are engaged in the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Program by ACT Education Solutions. It is an internationally recognized university preparation program for student whose first language is not English.

    The GAC Program is spearheaded by Mr. Akaraphong Chaisurin as Coordinator and classes are taught by highly qualified teachers from our secondary staff.


    St. John Mary International School supports the concept of community service by the students it serves. Community service teaches the values of citizenship; helps to develop a sense of community pride, provides an awareness of the needs of the community, and shows students that, as contributing members of society, they can make a difference. This concept fosters a positive relationship between the educational community and the public/private sectors of the wider community in which we live.

    Furthermore, it helps students to look beyond the classroom, and encourages responsible and caring participationin his or her local community and in the wider world. Student stake an active role in the development of the school and local communities, as well as the world. Participating and helping others is a great way to make your school year productive and memorable.

    Students are required to complete 40 hours of community service during their four years in high school. Students who served for 100 hours or more will be given the Helping Hand Award.

    Students will be provided the opportunity to:

  • Bridge varied ethnic, socio-economic, and generational backgrounds.
  • Gain self-reliance, self-respect, and confidence while developing a positive self-esteem.
  • Experience connections between academia and real life situations.
  • Develop life skills that apply to personal life, professional life, and possibly a future career.
  • Gain valuable experiences and exposure to a wide variety of career choices.
  • Sharpen and apply their skills in leadership, planning, implementing, and evaluation.
  • Analyze their experiences via reflective writing.
  • Develop a sense of control over their environment that may encourage participation in government issues, elections, and community affairs.
  • Work collaboratively with members of the community.

    SJMIS is a member of the International Schools Athletics Association thus giving opportunity to our students to join and compete with several International Schools in Bangkok and nearby provinces. SJMIS has several sporting facilities such as the Golf Driving Range, Lawn Tennis, Football field, Swimming Pool, Basketball, Badminton, and Volleyball courts providing avenues for students hone their athletic abilities.