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The SJMIS Elementary Education

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Public Relations & Communications

Elementary teachers understand the impact of communicating student academic and behavioral growth over time. Parents and teachers interact in a variety of ways to collaborate and support student learning. 

Two “Ambassadors”, Ms. Arirat Jeensae (Oil) and Ms. Wanitchaya Pinkeo (Nong) are the official liaisons for all Thai students and parents in the elementary school.

The following is our basic system of communicating student learning:


Component Timeline Purpose
On-going parent/teacher communication
  • Orientation (Aug.)
  • School-wide events
  • Emails/Engrade messaging
  • Homework Diary
  • newsletters
  • phone calls
  • face-to-face conferences
  • Class Line Groups
Throughout the school year Constructive feedbackSharing growth and concerns
  • Parent/Teacher
  •  Mid October
  •  Mid March
To communicate learning progress, address concerns and recommend support.
Formal Report Cards
  • January
  • June
The report card communicates student achievement in relation to grade level expectations at a given time.
External Reports
  • MAP Test 
  • September
  • April
Achievement in relation to external, standardized populations.