Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

There are four Expected School - Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) that serve as core desired outcomes for

St. John Mary International School students:


An SJMIS learner will endeavor to become:


1. A Responsible Global Citizen

1.1 Shows concern for sustainable development and global issues

1.2 Promotes social justice and peace

1.3 Demonstrates cross-cultural sensitivity

1.4 Values self and respects others


2. A High Academic Achiever

2.1 Is a self-motivated learner

2.2 Produces quality work

2.3 Thinks critically and creatively

2.4 Practices academic integrity


3. An Emerging Leader

3.1 Leads by example as a good role model

3.2 Makes responsible decisions

3.3 Collaborates effectively

3.4 Accepts accountability


4. An Effective Communicator

4.1 Is proficient in the English language

4.2 Conveys ideas clearly and fluently

4.3 Listens actively and responds appropriately

4.4 Uses technology and other means to communicate