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Cafeteria and Food Services

The cafeteria serves well-balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals to students residing in school dorms as well as day students.

For those who wish to have light refreshments during other times, the Mini Mart and Snack Counters can serve these needs. Guests may purchase the meals at a reasonable price.





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The Use of Cafeteria

The cafeteria serves three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and supper; and refreshments during students’ recesses. Food service hours are posted in the cafeteria. So be on time for your meals.

For purposes of health and convenience, the kitchen is out-of- bounds to all students except the kitchen workers and those who are asked to assist in the kitchen work.

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  1. The cafeteria services are closed to all students during classes and study periods.
  2. Be courteous to the kitchen staff at all times. Take time occasionally to express your thanks to the Food Service Director and his assistants for their tireless efforts to satisfy your food needs.
  3. After your meal, throw your left-overs in to the waste slot; carefully place the tray on the counter provided.
  4. For the purpose of health and sanitation, students are advised not to serve their own meals. The aim is to serve you healthy meals in a healthy environment. Please keep your eating area clean and neat. Respect others presence and make them feel comfortable.
  5. The cafeteria serves healthy vegetarian dishes, along with a great variety of salads, drinks, juices, and shakes. Beef, mutton, chicken, and fish dishes are served in the cafeteria. Coke, Pepsi, coffee, and tea are served. Our cafeteria respects all nationalities and tries to satisfy their tastes. The limitation of food served is according to the discretion and planning of the Food Service Director.
  6. Please follow the rules and regulations of the cafeteria posted on various stations. Thank you.
  7. RF Identification Cards can be topped up with credits from the cafeteria personnel during  meal times.


Food will not be sold after 8:00 am. Students must leave the  cafeteria by 8:15 am


Kinder to Grade 2: Food is delivered to them.
Grades 4-12: Starts lunch at 11:40 and ends at 12:40



Mini Mart

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The Mini Mart on the campus in the cafeteria is providing canteen facilities for our students and parents. Healthy drinks and light snacks are available for reasonable charges. It’s open from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday-Friday.