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The School Library

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The Use of Library

  1. Any student using the library is expected to be thoughtful of others in maintaining a quiet atmosphere for study at all time.
  2. If a student abuses his library privileges and infringes upon the right of others to a quiet place conducive to study, he may be deprived of library privileges. Such suspension becomes a part of his citizenship record.
  3. Students are given borrowing privileges according to the rules of the library. Appropriate f nes are charged for materials lost or not returned, materials returned late, and materials that are mutilated.
  4. Books are classif ed according to the Dewey Decimal System. Ask the librarian and your teachers to explain the system and to help you find books or materials from the shelves.
  5. Use the library for study, research, browsing, and reading, but do not use it for tutoring, visiting, sleeping, socializing, and eating.
  6. Do not be offended if the library workers at the checkpoint ask to check your books.
  7. Do not remove reference books from the library.
  8. A student is responsible for any materials borrowed under his/her name. Any amount equal to the replacement cost, plus processing, will be charged for any materials that are lost.
  9. Students must show their student Identif cation Cards when they wish to borrow library materials. If you would like to use the library  during class time the Library Hall Pass will be required to enter the library.
  10. Please read the library rules carefully to further acquaint yourself with the library rules, regulations and the services it offers. Remember this library is for your use – make use of it faithfully and carefully.