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Schedule of Payments


ACADEMIC YEAR 2015 – 2016

Application and Test

1,000 Baht

Registration Fee(New student only) is payable upon acceptance of the student and must be paid before the student enters the school.

Day student

50,000 Baht

Boarding student                             

70,000 Baht


Deposit (Refundable)
is payable upon acceptance of the student and before he/she is admitted to the School. Upon withdrawal, this is refunded less any charges for lost/damaged books or damage to property etc. will be refunded.


Day student

15,000 Baht

Boarding student                             

25,000 Baht

        Tuition Fees per Semester

Pre – Kindergarten (Including snacks and lunch)

50,000 Baht

Kindergarten 1 – 3 (Including snacks and lunch)

60,000 Baht

Grade 1 – 3 (Including snacks and lunch)

81,600 Baht

Grade 4 – 6

86,400 Baht

Grade 7 – 8

88,800 Baht

Grade 9 – 11

95,000 Baht

Grade 12

100,000 Baht


English Language Development Fees

ELD Program, (Addition to the tuition fee)

20,000 Baht

        ELD Program will be provided to those students who, in the School’s judgment, require  
        additional English language support in the classroom.


        Boarding Fees


Homestay Fee per Semester (For G. 1 – 3)

72,000 Baht

Boarding Fee per Semester (For G. 4 – 12)

62,000 Baht

Weekend Boarding Fee (For local students only)

500 Baht/Day

Supplement Activities & Weekends (For overseas students)

25,000 Baht

       * Vacation periods: Students wishing to stay in the Dormitory during vacation periods    
           will be charged 1,500 Baht/Day (including weekends)



Tuition Policy


  1. Payment Schedule

SJMIS delivers an American Curriculum and has 2 semester every academic year.


Tuition fees are due and payable before the beginning of each semester.

Tuition fees for the First Semester (starting in August) are due in May.

Tuition fees for the Second Semester (starting in January) are due in November.

  1. Acceptable Forms of Payment

            Please be advised that payment may not be made by personal check.

Acceptable forms of payment may be any of the following.


New Students and Present Students

  • Cash at the School’s Finance Office
  • DIRECT CASH DEPOSIT at any Bangkok Bank branch
  • CASHIER’S CHECK, only made payable to “Mater Amabilis Co. Ltd.”

(Bank  charge 1.4%) at the School’s Finance Office

  • Transfer via ATM/internet
  • Swift Code : BKKBTHBK  

             Bank account details:

            Company name: Mater Amabilis Co. Ltd.                  Bangkok Bank, Sudbantad Road Branch, Saraburi

           Account Number: 560-3-007-229 or

           Bangkok Bank, Sukhumvit 43 Branch, Bangkok

           Account   Number: 172-3-082-317

Please fax the deposit slip to the School’s

Fax number: +66(0) 36 225 445  or

Tel. +66(0) 36 618 602

Email :

(SJMIS Finance Department) after making the deposit


3.         Late Payment

            Late tuition payment will incur an additional charge of 100 Baht per day (up to 5,000 BAHT maximum) starting from the second week of semester. (7 working days)

4.         Late Enrollment

No discount on tuition fees for late enrollees.

5.         Early Withdrawal                                                                                                                               

Tuition fee refunds will be granted in accordance with the following:

80% is refundable before school starts. 50% is refundable during the first 2 weeks (10 working days) of the Semester. No refund is given after the second week (10 working days) of the Semester.

 *Note: If a student is asked to leave the School due to a serious offense, such as bullying, use of illegal substances, etc., no refund will be granted.

6.        Refundable Deposit for Day Student 15,000 Baht, Boarding Student 25,000 Baht. This one-time refundable deposit is charged to each new student. Upon withdrawal the school will deduct any current charges and for any damage within the school property. If not claimed within one year it is no longer refundable. Money will be transferred on written request to parent’s bank account within 3 months by the date of the withdrawal.

7.         Registration Fee or Campus Development Fund                                                       

New students have to pay 50,000 Baht Registration Fee (A one-time payment) not refundable.  Effective from the First Semester of Academic Year 2015-2016 (August, 2015).

8.         Non-Return or Non-Appearance               

Returning students who do not appear at the school in the first month of the semester over 20 days (August or January) without prior notice in writing to the Head of the School automatically forfeits their studentship at SJMIS and shall be treated as a new student upon returning to the School.

9.         Leave of Absence / Student going abroad / Temporary leave of absence.Parents of students who need to take a leave of absence are required to fill out and submit the ‘Leave of Absence Form’ to the Head of School (by June for 1st semester/ November for 2nd semester). The acknowledgement and approval of this form by the Head of School will retain the student’s status for 1 school year. Students may take a leave of absence not more than 1 school year (effective on the day of approval and acknowledgement by the Head of School) with the following conditions:      

            9.1)    30,000 Baht deposit is compulsory to maintain student status. The deposit is deductible from tuition fees upon the student’s return the following school                          year. This condition does not apply to students who already have the Registration Fee and Deposit at School.

9.2)      Refundable Deposit is required to remain deposited at the school.

9.3)      If parents decided to withdraw the student from the school 10,000 Baht (from 30,000 baht) will be refunded. If it is not claimed within one year (from the                day the deposit is made) it is no longer refundable. The 30,000 Baht will not be refundable if the parents fail to contact the school.

9.4)      If the student does not return in the following school year, he/she will be treated as a new student upon returning to the school.