Monday, February 18, 2019

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The Headmaster




MrAlunThomas LargeA very warm welcome to all visitors to the website of Saint John Mary International School. I hope you will enjoy browsing the contents and finding out more about us.

Selecting the right school for your child is a difficult task and by visiting our website, prospective parents have made a significant step in the right direction to help in the decision making process. Whilst this website will give you a good overview of our school, I would strongly recommend that you contact us to arrange a personal visit so that you can see us in action. I would be delighted to have an opportunity to meet with you and to show you all that we have to offer. SJMIS is a great school and I am extremely honoured to be a part of the team working in partnership with children, parents, staff and the wider community to provide the best education possible for our student.

We aim to deliver an English medium child-centred education, based on the California Standards. We recognise that everyone is an individual and that learning is a very personal experience so we take great care to ensure that our students receive the highest level of personalised education as possible, regardless of race, gender, religion or individual learning needs.

We provide an environment where every student feels confident to try something new and to understand that to make mistakes is part of the process of learning. We believe that children and young people work better and learn more effectively in a happy atmosphere based upon courtesy and respect for one another. Pupils need to have choices, but they also need boundaries; therefore our positive discipline policy is based upon firmness, fairness and understanding. Each of us strives to set an example for others by treating everyone with respect and politeness.

With students from many countries attending the school, we welcome and celebrate the richness and diversity that this brings. Our diverse international student population adds strength and value to the experience that your child will gain at the school, helping them prepare fully to take on the challenges of global citizenship and leadership in this rapidly changing modern world.